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20/10/2019 12:46 am  

i have had this guy friend for 3 years but i can’t make myself be friendly with him anymore because of how he treats me and all his other friends. he probably has depression and instead of seeking professional help he just dumps all of his problems onto his friends, to the point that it’s exhausting and affects the mental health of his friends. he actually has just one proper friend and doesn’t make the effort to make more instead choosing to exhaust his one friend to the point that they don’t want to associate with him anymore (which is what has happened to our friendship). this guy has been bullied for a long time, which i understand is something that still affects him but he is completely dependent on us (the one friend he has left is actually my best friend, who btw is also sick of solving his problems for him but doesn’t show it for fear that it will make his social anxiety and depression worse and harder for him to handle.) he also often faces suicidal thoughts so yes his mental state isn’t the best but him treating me and my friend as his personal therapists is making things hard for us. hes just a 16 year old but honestly  needs to realize that we, too, are mere 16 year olds with our own problems. don’t get me wrong, i don’t mind helping out my friends from time to time but in this “friendship”  my entire day has to revolve around his problems or hes going to start emotionally blackmailing me. both, me and my friend, are sick of how he treats us but don’t want to say anything for fear of leaving him more depressed than before and with no one to talk to. don’t really think writing this will help my problem but it just felt good to let it out for once:)

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you mentioned how his friends have left him? that is a major deal breaker. he is constantly facing the trauma of friends leaving and coming and he is getting confused about telling what to which person. he may tell a little too much to you or becomes completely distant. you becoming his personal therapists is your very own decision. there is a difference between listening to someone and therapizing. he really needs to vent out and tell people. he tells you, he tells others. and it makes it worse when people start leaving. the best thing that you can do is, stick close to him (if you deeply care or really have the urge to do so). show him affection, stand with him. and if things start get more overwhelming, take some time for yourself. hope this helps i made this as concise as it could be 🙂



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