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What is ur style number what is your dial number what is your easy number

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Frequently Asked Question!

Haha I read that default heading and laughed

Five there are 5 admins, 3 for the main page, 2 for spicy salt(Rip)

  1. Saltafa
  2. Saltamerch
  3. Saltafa2.0
  4. SpicySalt(Rip)
  5. salt_esport

sach mein na kha lena 

I’ll do a poll for FAQS and put those here.

Question polls advice polls get repetitive and i felt like my quality of answers because of typing the same thing again was dropping. So it would be easier to write them here as a blog post or a forum post where it would stay and anyone could search it up, Also so many people wanted an option to pay for Saltamerch through a credit card, so it helped with that too!